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Discipline vs Desire

Discipline is having the self control to do what’s necessary to improve your performance, while desire is the drive that sets our goals and wants us to succeed.

While both of these are absolutely necessary to achieve your best they don’t always play nicely together.  For example if you’re starting to feel a little tired and sluggish but you have a session planned for that day, what should you do?   Desire wants us to ride.  Desire wants us to make sure we don’t miss out on any training sessions that will help us be the best.  However, discipline wants us to have a rest.  Discipline knows that recovery is as important as training to reach our goals.    Which ‘voice’ you listen to will ultimately dictate what you do for the day.

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Identifying threshold power - Cherry picking data

It's not always convenient to schedule and complete a performance test during a training program.  Fortunately there are several other ways in which you can keep tabs on changes in performance and identify if your training zones need updating. Previous blog posts have looked at using histograms and the various testing option, however there is another method that can be used to determine threshold power, it’s called Cherry Picking and it can be a useful method for riders who use a power meter.


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Rotor Q-Rings. First impressions and long term review

Back in mid 2012, when I was first looking at getting back on the bike after my lengthy illness I was quite interested in trying the Rotor Q-rings. I had been following the evolution of these for a number of years but had never had access to a set to try out before deciding to commit to purchasing some.  In the past I have tested a rider using oval chainrings and there was a reduced heart rate for a set power output and I have been keen to try them ever since.  As it so happened I lucked upon a set, albeit a large set (44/54) when I purchased my last SRM.  They sat in my garage a while and then I lent them to a rider who, unfortunately never got to use them (injury).  Once I got back on the bike I installed them to see how they felt.  The following is my first impressions, after having ridden them for just over a week (back in Aug 2012) as well as my longer term review.

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