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Gunning 2-Day Tour training programs now available

The Gunning 2-Day tour is one of the premier events on the Australian Veterans cycling calendar. The tour consists of a short prologue and road race on Saturday, with a second road race on Sunday.

We have created two training plans to help riders prepare for this event. The first plan is a full 16-week training schedule that provides 8 weeks of base training followed by 7 weeks of race specific intervals before a final taper for race day. The second plan is a 9-week race specific preparation plan that provides 8 weeks of interval work followed by the taper. The later of these programs is well suited to riders who have come through summer with good levels of base fitness but want to add that extra level of preparation to ensure that performance is at optimal levels for one of the biggest races on the annual calendar.

The training programs start at $55 and can be purchased directly from the website on the Training Plans page.

Jason Mahoney Wednesday 13 January 2016 at 3:52 pm | ΒΆ | News | No comments
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