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My top 10 thoughts on the 2015 Australian Road National Championships

#1 - @Kimbers_Wells & the Man of Steel (@SteeleVH) dont need a lead out or team mates to win - they are just plain fast #speedwins

#2 - @SharaGillow has strong resolve and determination. #3xnationalTTchamp

#3 - Women's racing is exciting and deserves more LIVE TV coverage

#4 - Sprinters can win the road races at Buninyong and race favourites can/do make mistakes/get unlucky

#5 - @PetaMullens knows how to win bike races regardless of the type of surface #winneronroadordirt

#6 - @CalebEwan is a very smart bike rider and can do it all #notjustasprinter

#7 - Australian men's and women's NRS riders can match it with Australia's best international riders.

#8 - Tactically its always a mistake to let a sprinter catch back up once you have managed to drop them.  #hausslerhasgutsandclass

#9 - @CadelOfficial is a cycling legend #australianhalloffame

#10 - Women's racing is exciting and deserves more LIVE TV coverage - Yep I said it again as it needs saying more than just once.

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Personal Coaching. Places now available

As indicated in a previous update, I am once again accepting new applications for personal coaching.    There is an extremely limited number of places available as I am still operating close to capacity.  I have room to take on 2-3 new personal coaching clients, depending on what level of assistance they require.

There are two levels of personal coaching: Performance and PerformancePlus.  Full details of what is provided in each of these levels of coaching can be found on our Coaching Services page.

If you are interesting in applying for personal coaching I recommend that you get in quickly as I expect these positions to be taken pretty quickly.    I will accept new applications up until the end of the week and then assess them at that point to give people enough time to get their application in.  Any positions left vacant after that time will go on a first come – first served basis.

If you have any questions on our coaching services before you submit an application, please Contact Us as we are more than happy to answer your questions.

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Bike Fitting Top 10 most common issues and how to solve them

I have been coaching cycling for closing in on a decade and riding for even longer.  For most of that time I have had a keen interest in bike setup, whether it’s aerodynamics for time trial and the various distance triathlon events or road cycling.   During my time as a cycling coach I have conducted hundreds of bike fits and recently I had cause to look back at some of the original fit sessions I conducted and it revealed two things: how much I have learned about bike setup and how common the key issues are now as they were back then.

This post provides a list of the most common bike fitting issues I have come across over the last decade and provides some general advice on what to look for and how to fix the problem.

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It’s official. I am no longer a racer but the coaching will go on

After 17 years as either a triathlete or road cyclist, today marks the end of my time on the bike as a competitor.   

Unfortunately over the last few years my health has not been great and this year has been one of the most challenging and I have had to make some tough decisions.  In the end I decided that my body was no longer capable of the demands of training and racing.

I will be continuing with my coaching work and I hope that over the coming years I can really make Argonaut Cycle Coaching a success.   Over the last 4 years alone I have assisted numerous riders reach their goals, including medals at state, national and Oceania championships, as well as over 150 top 10 results in open level (or higher) events.  I have also completed over 350 bike fits and performance tests for riders and provided skills sessions that have helped riders improve their abilities on the bike.

While there have been some setbacks this year, most notably the lack of access to Stromlo Forest Park for the masterclass sessions, the coaching will continue and I look forward to helping many more riders reach their personal goals.  

Finally, I am pleased to advise that from, 1 November 2014 I will once again be accepting applications for coached riders.  Numbers will be limited based on my current coaching load at that time.




Jason Mahoney

No performance tests until start of November

Unfortunately I will not be able to conduct any lactate, max heart rate or power testing until the start of November due to my Tacx trainer being out of action.   The lever for the rear wheel roller broke at the end of a recent test session and I am currently awaiting the arrival of a replacement which is not likely to arrive until late October or early November at the latest.

Fortunately I still have the Lemond Revolution training and can continue to conduct bike fitting sessions for this period.

If anyone is looking to have a performance test done then please still send your booking request through and I will let you know as soon as the trainer is back up and running.





Items For Sale – August 2014

Update: 27 August – New items added and all remaining items moved to the top.  Some prices updated as well.

I am clearing out some items which I no longer have any use for.   All prices are marked next to the item, however I wont refuse any reasonable offers.


I can be contacted on 0437972768, or

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Masterclass session - No more!

Due to an untenable issue with the ACT Goverment, I am no longer able to book the Stromlo Forest Park criterium circuit for exclusive use at the necessary times and as a result I am no longer able to offer the Masterclass skills sessions.

This is a very disappointing outcome as last season's session were well attended and planning was well underway to conduct more sessions later this year, including more of the extremely popular Criterium Masterclass sessions.

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Details on the March and April Masterclass sessions

I am pleased to advise that the details for the March and April masterclass session have been finalised.  

For March it will be the second of our Junior Development sessions.  This session was originally drafted for the 9th March but it will now be run on Saturday 20th March.  

After receiving some great feedback and suggestions for the April session, I have settled on Race Craft as the topic of focus.  This should be quite a diverse session and should provide a nice ‘summary’ to this round of masterclass sessions.

Full details for each of these sessions should be available on the website within the next week so keep an eye on the Masterclass page or Twitter and Facebook.


Following the April Masterclass I will switch over to a seminar format for winter as there are a few topics received in the suggestions that would be better dealt with in that environment.  Details of the seminars will be posted on the blog and website leading up to May.



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