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Fat vs Carbohydrates – Where are you getting your energy from

Just a quick little post for today.

The table below provides some data estimates on the contribution of fats and carbohydrates to the total energy requirement while cycling at 200w for 2 hours

Fat (grams/min) 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8
Fat (kj) 888 1332 1776 2220 2664 3108 3552
Carbs (kj) 5512 5068 4624 4180 3736 3292 2848
% carbs 86.1% 79.2% 72.3% 65.3% 58.4% 51.4% 44.5%

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More on identifying your threshold power

In a previous post I identified ways you can use a histogram to find your threshold power. However, sometimes you may want to confirm the results of the histogram analysis, or you may not have suitable files for this type or analysis, or you may not have a power meter. In these cases there are several other methods for identifying your threshold power/heart rate.

  • Lactate Testing
  • Maximal Aerobic Power and Heart Rate Test
  • Time Trial
  • Power Profile Testing

This post provides some information on these options.


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Stromlo Forest Park - Bookings and Usage

As you may be aware I am currently running monthly Masterclass skills sessions, mostly at Stromlo Forest park.  I am also running a criterium training program on Monday mornings for the next 6 weeks.  As the group numbers are quite large and to ensure the safety of all riders I have booked the track for these sessions. 

Over the weekend and on Monday morning I had several times where I had to let people know that they couldn't use the criterium circuit due to the session I was coaching.   Unfortunately the Stromlo Forest Park website had not been updated to show my bookings and a few people have been upset by the fact they were unable to use the track at those times.    I have provided feedback to the management of  the Stromlo Forest Park facility and they have since updated the bookings page of the site.   I apologise for any inconvenience caused to anyone who was planning to use the track at these times.   However, please note this was required to ensure the safety of all riders.

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The importance of the post-race debrief

Everyone can have a bad race every now and again.  Sometimes things just don’t go our way, we make silly mistakes or the actions/behaviours of other riders upsets us.

This can not only negatively impact the race but also the post-race emotions and even training in to the next week.  The reason this happens is that the negative outcome isn’t dealt with appropriately immediately after the event. This is where the post-race debrief comes in to play.

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Training Etiquette

If you were to do a Google search on training etiquette you would probably come across a whole raft of articles describing good ‘bunch etiquette’. You would undoubtedly find suggestions like; holding your line, not half wheeling, hand signals and calls.  Pretty much all the standard stuff you need to do when training in a bunch.

However, there is a whole different side to training etiquette that is seldom discussed, what to do when you encounter someone else training on the same road as you are.

Now, its quite common to see a lone rider jump on the back of a passing bunch and try and hang on for a while.  Sure that can be fun but before doing this you really need to stop and think for a second.  How with this impact the training of the other people.

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Using histograms to identify your threshold power

One of the great things about modern day software is the array of functionality they offer.   One of my favourite tools is Golden Cheetah (GC) and it provides some really nice histogram functionality that I use to keep tabs on how my power is developing.

This post provides a couple of examples of histograms from a few of my training rides and races and shows how you can use this tool to hone in on your threshold power.

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Congratulations – Jeremy Ryan

This past Saturday saw the running of the 256km Melbourne to Warrnambool road race.   After a overcoming a few last minute race entry issues, Jeremy Ryan set off on his debut at this race in what is always a very challenging B grade/Div 2 field.

This year the field was met with strong winds and when combined with the extremely challenging race distance it took its toll with only 139 of the 220 starters finishing the race.

Jeremy had a strong ride to finish in a small group only 24:12 behind the winner to claim 80th place overall and a fantastic 8th place in B grade.

You can see the full results at

Please join with me in congratulating Jeremy on his stellar performance.  Well done Jeremy.


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It’s a slightly odd title for an article and doesn't really hint at the topic enclosed but once you read it you will understand just why I chose it!

You may recall recently (see blog post here) that I listed my top 10 training tips and that the #1 was having a purpose for each training session.  Well today’s article goes one step (and maybe more) behind this to answer just why we do the specific types of training sessions.

Now the subject matter here can get heavy, pretty quickly and I could actually write a whole book on it (others have!).  My aim here is to cut through as much of the mumbo jumbo as possible and just lay it out as simple as possible.   With that in mind I am going to kick things off with a phrase that summarises the entire article, “fitness is in the muscles, not the cardiovascular system”.   This is a phrase I came across some time ago and it summed up my thinking quite nicely.

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